Oct 26, 2013

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Where do I begin?  Maybe with the lipstick red lacquered facade of her shop?  The fact that Michelle Obama was/is a client?  That her reputation is founded on discovering new talent? There’s a tantalizingly small amount of information on Ikram, so many questions are unanswered.  I think she likes it this way.  I think, refreshingly, she’s most interested in fashion,...

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Sep 28, 2013

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The Beauty Guide

When we were in India, visiting my husband’s parents, we finished our trip in New Delhi.  We would have a somewhat shorter flight home from there (after our forty-two hour train ride from Kerala, where my in-laws live) and, of course, I wanted to see the Taj Mahal. Luck would have it that even though he lived and worked in Delhi for a time, my husband had never been to Agra or...

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Jun 13, 2013

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Beauty > Skinny

Reader Amy sent me this email recently: I have a suggestion for a blog post....

May 26, 2013

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Spring is to me what madeleines were...

Spring is finally, officially, definitely here.  The buds on the trees, after...

May 16, 2013

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The Brouhaha

By now I’m sure most of you have heard the obnoxious quote from Abercrombie...

Apr 5, 2013

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Happy Birthday, Bette!

Ruth Elizabeth Davis was born in 1908 and was, arguably, one of this...

Apr 3, 2013

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Recommended Reading: Everyday Icon ...

What is it about Michelle Obama?  Her style has really captured our...

Mar 21, 2013

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The first thing on my wish list for Spring is . . . Spring!  I  might be a...

Mar 18, 2013

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Color Story: Mint and Cantaloupe

Now here’s a combination that says spring, Spring, SPRING! While these...

Mar 14, 2013

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The Other “B” Word

When I was a tender lily . . . wait a minute.  I was never a tender lily!...

Mar 10, 2013

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Happy Birthday, Clare Boothe Luce!

Clare Boothe Luce was quite the Renaissance woman, given that she lived in the...

Feb 27, 2013

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Fashion Week: Thom Browne Fall 2013

Though I’ve only seen (online) a few of the shows at Fashion Week, Thom...