Jan 18, 2013

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The Marriott in Maui: wow-y!

What is this thing called ‘Resort’?  Originally, resort wear (or cruise wear, as it once was called) was sold in upscale shops for clients who traveled to tropical destinations during winter.  Now, however, most designers show a resort collection, and it’s fairly common to see warm weather clothing, as well as swimwear, in all sorts of shops in January.

Hallmarks of resort wear are shorts, caftans, sandals and long dresses for women.  Resort wear is more often than not made from fabrics like cotton, silk, denim, microfiber and poplin, with straw appearing frequently in accessories.  These materials are easy to pack, and lightweight and breathable for the most part.  They are casual and look great right out of the suitcase without much fuss.

Courtesy of Pontier.com

Motifs in resort wear are nautical themes (referencing your yacht, dear:  obviously); tropical scenes and flowers; and Mediterranean colors like minty green, yellow, blue and white.  Accessories like large hats, sunglasses and open-toed sandals complete your “I’m on vacation” look.

A classic Ralph Lauren fantasy.

Modern takes on resort include maxi dresses, as well as knit shifts that can be worn as a dress over your bathing suit.  “Bathing suit” is usually what you want, rather than a sturdy suit you can swim laps in, because resort implies vacation (as in, “Bring me another Mai Tai”).  Capri pants are popular, too, especially in white, paired with a bright top with or without sleeves.

Of course, your choices for resort depend completely on where you’re going.  If you’re on a cruise, you’ll need a few more formal pieces for dinner, as well as comfortable daywear for your land excursions.  If you’re vacationing at a resort, the atmosphere may be more relaxed, and your maxi dress will be just fine at dinner.  If you’re near water, salty or chlorinated, it is advisable to have two bathing suits.  That way, one can be drying while you’re wearing the other one.

A sexy suit by Monif C.

Not only do large hats and sunglasses look glamorous (yay!) they offer great sun protection.  That does not mean, however, that you can skimp on the SPF:  no, siree!  Plus, large sunglasses take the place of eye makeup:  who can be bothered with eyebrow pencil and mascara in all the heat and humidity?  Not I:  tinted lip balm and a mani/pedi will have to suffice.  If your hair is short, good on you:  easy and chic.  If it’s long enough to pull back, do so:  ponytails and buns look put together with only a little effort.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize your minimal wardrobe with high impact jewelry:  a statement necklace, big cuff or chandelier earrings hit a casual yet stylish vibe, and make your ensemble look composed, not thrown together.

I kind of love this Rachel Zoe necklace; what do you think?

Will you be escaping this winter to a warmer clime?  And what will you wear?  Tell me all about it in the comments, won’t you?

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