Dec 4, 2012

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Santa Baby

When I was younger and asked what I wanted for Christmas, my answer was always the same:  world peace and emerald earrings.  Obviously, I’ve not received one of them (all right, I still don’t have emerald earrings, either), but that’s okay.  It’s nice at the holidays to contemplate such loveliness, isn’t it, even if we don’t get it?

Well, at least I think it is.  So in the spirit of daydreaming, this is what’s on my list this year:

Luxury train travel: the stuff of dreams, no?

There are no words (at least, no decent words for mixed company) I can use to describe him.

  • A private concert (and I mean private, if you catch my drift) from Prince

Love it!

  • You know how some women want a closet just for their shoes?  Well, I want one for all the perfume I’d like to buy.  I’d like to have a veritable library of scent.  Read Katie:  you’ll be hooked.  I’d start my collection with this.


  • Clean, potable water  for everyone.

How about you?  What are you wishing for this Christmas?

  1. I feel like we were seperated at birth…I used to have this amazing poster of Prince, my Dad made me hang it on the back of my bedroom door because he didn’t want to see it everytime he walked by room. I used to think I would just die if I didn’t get to meet him.