Jan 30, 2013

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The Travel Bug


Ah, travel!  Sounds so romantic, doesn’t it?  Well, those were the good old days (if, indeed, they ever existed).  The point is, you’re going somewhere, and you need to pack but you never know where to start, right?  I knew someone once who always packed the night before she left because she hated deciding what she would be wearing one or more days in advance:  “I don’t know how I’m going to feel.  How am I supposed to know what I’ll want to wear?”

That sounds exhausting to me.  There is plenty of great packing and traveling advice available everywhere from TravelSmith to Good Housekeeping.  Here are a few of my tips.

Make like Santa
Meaning, make a list and check it twice!  I like to write out what I’ll be wearing each day of the trip, trying to mix and match a minimal amount of separates that go together.  I try really hard to think about what I’ll be doing, what shoes I’ll need to wear and then build up from there.  Of course, I consider where I’ll be (tropical or arctic) and what I’ll be doing (business or pleasure).  And even though I don’t own many shoes, I still almost always bring three pairs, one on my feet and two in my luggage.

The place I always need to downsize is my makeup case.  The fact that I have a case should be my first clue, shouldn’t it?  I love makeup, but I limit myself to one makeup look (by which I mean one eye makeup look) and instead bring along a few lip colors.  They’re small and easy to carry in my purse, and can make you look polished faster than anything else.  Especially with a big pair of sunglasses (better hope for good weather!).

Less is More
Mostly because how can you bring anything home with you if your suitcase is packed to the gills when you leave the house?  Sometimes I even put a smaller carry on case into a larger suitcase that I check on my way out:  that way, I have the option to check and carry on during the trip home.  By the way, I’m a big fan of checking my bag.  Of course, I have yet to lose my luggage, but until I do, I will check, check, check!

Brenda Kinsel
Brenda’s fashion columns are always enlightening, and here are two specifically targeted to travel.  Style:  Fashion on the Fly has great tips on flying more comfortably and stylishly, and Smart Travel:  Be Prepared for Business on the Road, reminds you to bring all those chargers and cables!

Age Before Beauty
Finally, an ‘older but wiser’ tip:  unless you’re 25, don’t drink alcohol on the plane.  You’re already in a dehydrating environment, and the booze just makes it worse.  Trust me:  I regularly indulge in cocktail hour, but I never drink on flights anymore.  You’ll enjoy that drink so much more after you arrive at your ‘final destination,’ as they say.

How about you?  Any travel tips that make your sailing smooth?  Share them in the comments!

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