Elena Mirò
Elena Miro Frannie in Elena Miro Gena in Elena Miro

Elena Mirò is one of the historic labels of Miroglio Fashion, the plus-size clothing division of the Miroglio Group. It was created in Milan twenty-five years ago in order to meet the needs of women with Mediterranean-style fuller figures with style and taste. Over time, Elena Mirò has acquired in-depth knowledge and expertise in the skills required to follow fashion, style and trends, and to adapt them for shapely sizes. The label has been successful in communicating a positive and iconic image of women with fuller figures.

Since 2005, Elena Mirò has been the only plus-size women’s fashion brand to show at the Milano Moda Donna fashion week, and, in fact, Elena Miroglio herself was awarded the insignia of Cavaliere della Repubblica (Order of Merit of the Italian Republic) on International Women’s Day in 2007. The insignia was bestowed by virtue of the contribution made by the Elena Mirò brand toward “emancipating women from a constrictive concept of beauty”, as declared during the award ceremony by Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Italian Republic. We have been carrying Elena Mirò at Bombshell since September 2011.

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