IGIGI is the premiere brand of contemporary collections designed to fulfill the lifestyle of the beautiful, voluptuous, and confident woman. Named after an ancient goddess embodying vitality, charm, and intelligence, IGIGI strives to provide women of curves with smart, stylish and sophisticated collections that accentuate and celebrate their bodies. At IGIGI we have a concern. We are concerned that there are people in the world that do not know or feel how beautiful they are. We are concerned that there are people stuck in the narrow, stifling stereotypical view of beauty. We are concerned that even though someone sees themselves as beautiful it can be taken away so easily with a wrinkle or a few “extra pounds”. Because of this we are committed to breaking down the barriers that inhibit people from realizing their own beauty and to be a catalyst for this in the world. We aim to transform the way beauty is defined. The way beauty is seen. The way beauty is felt.

Everybody is beautiful just the way they are. What would the world look like if that statement were true? We aim to find out. We hope you will join us.

Yuliya Raquel, IGIGI's founder and creator, says, “When designing, I always imagine how a woman will feel in the garment. I try to determine if the clothes will make her more excited about where she is going: will she feel more feminine, sensual and seductive?” She adds, “Many customers write to say my clothes make them feel virtually invincible, like a goddess. That’s what makes it all worthwhile to me.” IGIGI makes their clothes in the USA.

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