What Our Customers Say

“I LOVE Bombshell! Beautiful clothes that I always get compliments on. The women who work in the store are so helpful and so kind. LOVE IT!”
Amy L.
“Most fabulous customer service EVER. A great update to my wardrobe. Many things I would have NEVER tried on my own, but oh, how wrong I was!”
Eileen S.
“Hi Denise, I wanted to thank you for helping me chose my Lundström coat . . . Just like you said I would, I have received many compliments on my new coat already. I love it too! Your knowledge of fashion and our bodies is much appreciated!”
Karen B.
“We had a nice night out and the dress was great. I have received many compliments on the clothes purchased at Bombshell. You are a wonderful resource and I am so glad I found your store.”
Cindy M.
“Denise, thank you so much for getting me all set up for Cancun -- it was fab and I was glad I had a swimsuit that fit! The black dress worked so great, as did the black/white top (worked so well with both black and white capris.) Love it! I was in a panic pulling my wardrobe together for a "work" trip and you were so helpful! LOVE Bombshell -- the best part is your caring expertise and affirmation! Thanks as always.”
Shar S.
"Thanks for all of your help on Saturday! The leopard print dress was a hit at dinner on Saturday night. The waitress even carded me. That hasn't happened for 10 years. I wore the pencil skirt and the peplum top to work today. A couple of the guys stopped mid-sentence to watch me walk by, and several people stopped by to complement the outfit. I looked great, and I felt great. Some people even asked if I was going to an interview. It was a hit!
Donna B.
"The dress was a big hit! . . . I felt like a knockout, for sure. In fact, I would go so far as to say I was a BOMBSHELL! :-D heart heart heart heart THANK YOU FOR YOUR STORE! heart heart heart heart"
Alex P.
"I've just gotten back from our trip and I wanted to send you a little note to thank you. I had all of these fancy-schmancy dress-up events, surrounded by beautiful women in gorgeous dresses. Normally this is the type of event that would have me cringing inside the whole time, but instead I was completely comfortable and able to concentrate on spending time with family because I was so confident about my dresses. You are a treasure!!"
Sara D.
"By the way, every time I saw my friend, she said "Is that a Bombshell outfit"? Yes, every one of my day/evening outfits I brought were your clothes. She loved every one of them!

Thank you for teaching me that I can dress better and how to find clothes that I feel good in and look great in. I am so grateful for all of your thoughts and advice you've shared with me."

Joy S.
"I appreciate your taste in clothes and style. You make me look good and feel fantastic!"
Mary P.
"You know I really love your store. You bring dramatic beauty, fabrications, and silhouettes to us gals that we would NEVER have access to. Of course, your store means so much more than clothes . . . THANK YOU for creating Bombshell, for sharing your wisdom about beauty and acceptance to the public."
Anne K.
"I wanted to tell you ladies that I purchased one of those rocking crinolines . . . from your store. I have worn it 3 times to RAVE RAVE RAVE, CRAZY OVER THE TOP COMPLIMENTS! . . . Folks ask me over and over and over WHERE IN THE WORLD DID YOU FIND THAT AMAZING SKIRT? I say BOMBSHELL ON GRAND! So, THANK YOU! I even had a total stranger in Chicago (a woman) come over to hug me and she said I WATCHED YOU WALK IN, YOU LOOK AMAZING!

Thanks for making me shine, shine, shine!"

Mary M.
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