Emphasizing your curves

If you are a plus-sized women, then it can often be very hard to figure out how to best present yourself in a way that is not just flattering to yourself, but to other people as well. After all, so many publications and ad campaigns emphasize thinner women, and although that isn’t the only standard of beauty, people who fit into that mold have a lot more guidance on how to best present themselves.

But plus-size women certainly can use similar guidance, which is exactly what we are here for. To start off, it is important to remember that your body type does have a direct impact on the type of clothes you would want to wear. For most women, fat typically starts accumulating in the hip area, particularly around the buttocks and thighs. With this in mind, you should always put particularly emphasis on the lower portion of your body more so than the upper portion.

This general area of your body can typically be associated with your booty in general, and it is definitely something that you want to emphasize as much as possible, since we all know how much men love a good booty. Pants and leggings that hug your curves and are generally tight-fitting are great options for you to show off your sexy curves, so definitely embrace going outside with a nice pair of jeans or yoga pants. Although you can reasonably get away with a baggier type of bottoms, doing so puts you at risk of looking very unflattering, depending on the type of bottoms you decide to wear.

If you decide to show a bit of leg with a skirt or short pants, then it is a good idea to keep those articles of clothing from being too short and skimpy. Not only is this typically unbecoming of most women but doing so ironically hides your curves which you should be trying to emphasize. With a slightly longer skirt or pair of short pants, there is naturally more focus towards that area of your body, which will naturally draw more attention to the curves that make you sexy.

Although the type of clothing you select is very important when it comes to emphasizing your curves, it is not everything. Another thing that you can do which is just as important is to walk with purpose. Unlike thinner girls, you have assets that you want to flaunt to the world. And even if you just want to flaunt them subtly, you still need to walk in a way that moves your hips and draws attention towards your backside. If you aren’t used to walking this way, then it is something that you should definitely practice. It may seem a bit silly at first, but with the right walk, you will be making people turn and look at you wherever you go, especially when you have the booty to back it up.

If you are not yet comfortable being a plus-sized women, then part of the problem may be that you are not yet successfully emphasizing the curves that make you truly sexy and beautiful. If that is the case, then hopefully these tips will help you to start turning heads and gaining more confidence in your body.