The History of the Penis

The meaning of the term “penis enlargement” has been debated, but is it a geographical term or not? Well, it has been debated to death and there is no definite answer as to whether or not it is a joke or not. People take it one way or the other. Some just refer to websites that specialize products for penis enlargement. I, myself, don’t find the term funny but there are those that do. For those that take easily to this term, then your arguments are endless. For those that are a little challenged and think a little deeper than a quick converse can take place here are the possible reasons.

Penis is short for penis. Get the dang word out of here (again). Okay so far we have learned that it is a Glory that shoots out of a shaped Like a privates, then what comes next is what caused this article to be so controversial and we will continue with this discussion.

opinion on penis size

Where do we find it? Mostly in the public as a humiliation or cockiness. We see it as a challenge. We see it as an ego booster. We see it as an open target. It is used as a adv Tip-off(when you are first getting to know a folks) and tends to come from the “cool” guy that seems “better” than the one you are use to hitting on. (Hopefully he is!) The one that makes you laugh as you crack a subtle “you know what” joke in response.

What do we do if we see it? We can ignore the truth it at first and hope that he is just coming out with it after all of your personal foreplay. But there are those few that won’t leave well enough alone. These types are the ones that will stop at nothing to give you what they think is a good measure of your response. Some think they are the ultimate gentleman(they can be if they have the bad manners for not getting any when they have had all they could take) And now as they get to know you, they drop the cockiness of your average penis size. Some that seem a little different are fun and playful. Do you like that? Do you like the attention Mr. Newbie is giving you? Put him in his place and let him know not to shake you while you are at it.

I think it is funny how women can think just the average penis size is considered small. Don’t get me wrong, they have a great sense of humor. They see the funny side of things and are willing to laugh at anything. But they tend to see the funny side of life, and that is both boring and confusing. With these “funny” folks, the conversation takes a back seat. There is little to no back and forth going on. It becomes a routine that has predictable MEANING.

And when you can realize that this person IS NOT the type of person that you would want to talk to, it becomes that much easier to turn him down. Not only will it remove the possibility of a “no strings attached” offer, but you will have kept your attention and your self-respect. Nobody likes to be taken for granted especially when you are putting yourself out there.

ABC News recommends that you do not assume that just because all of life involves positive traction devices, that is all that it is. You have choices. Ensure that when you take that big step to become interested in a person, that he is somebody that you are attracted to and a person that you feel positive things to towards. Here is the deal, make a choice. Not a negative option. A positive option. Don’t waste others’ time, but work on showing him that there is some positive value in all of life worth Enjoying.